Spiritual Recipe

IMG_0608Earlier this month, I referenced an article about the continuing decline of attendance in the American church. It is dramatic and falls across all denominations.

I will always believe the best way to share God’s grace is to be a good listener and share our personal walk of faith.

I found a spiritual recipe which can also serve as a reminder:

You can win more converts with a spoonful of honey than with a barrelful of vinegar.”

– St. Francis de Sales


Spiritual Wattage

DSCF2872-1While on my walk n talk with Ken yesterday, we discussed our spiritual light and how bright God wants us to shine.

My first reaction was to title this blog post, “Watt’s Up”!

As I talked with God about this today, I visualized that I often turn down my spiritual dimmer switch. Times when I have doubts and uncertainty, my spiritual light is simply not as bright as it could be.

God wants me to see and share that during these times, He wants us to draw near. Our strength, power and light can be restored in prayer!

I love the scripture of how a single candle can provide light to a dark room.

My prayer for us is to let our spiritual light shine!

Sunday Simplicity

DSCF3046Sunday simplicity is inspired by the following quote:

“Keep a holy simplicity. Remain perfectly at peace, certain that God makes it His business to make you successful.”

– St. Raphaela Maria Porras

During my prayer time today, I will talk with God about finding this holy simplicity in my life. It is difficult for me to remain peaceful which is why I love this quote and the certainty of the promise…His promise.


DSCF3594The word of God does not belong to him who hears or speaks it, but to him who puts it into practice.”

– St. Giles of Assisi

What I love about this quote is the reminder for us to not only listen or speak but to be active on our walk of faith.

There are so many wonderful examples in scripture to encourage us! One that comes to mind this morning is the good Samaritan. While other people ignored a person in need, the Samaritan took action and offered assistance.

My prayer for today is to reflect on this quote and ask God to guide us where we are needed.

So Close

DSCF3321-1I’m sure we have all seen a squirrel dart in front of our car and then make a quick u-turn when they are just steps away from safety.

Sometimes, on my walk of faith, I am like the squirrel. With good intentions, I take off in the direction  God guides me. Then, sometimes just steps away from my goal, I become afraid and turn back.

When I talked with God about this, I was assured that I would be ok. Sometimes, all it takes is a little more courage and a few more steps of faith!

The Empty Seats

IMG_0950You might have seen the article this week which summarizes a study related to declining church attendance. The empty seats especially symbolize the younger generation which increasingly selects non-affiliated when asked about church.

Church leaders will convene to discuss what can be done to reverse this trend. What can we do?

I believe we need to be better listeners. Before talking about our faith or church, take time to know the person and more  about their walk of faith…or their walk away from faith.

It is then we can extend a kind and gentle invitation.

A Spiritual Prescription

IMG_1651I continue to talk with God about my tendency to worry. With each conversation, He continues to guide my steps. Today, I was guided to:

Don’t spend your energies on things that generate worry, anxiety and anguish. Only one thing is necessary: Lift up your spirit and love God.”

– St. Padre Pio

My first reaction to this quote was to dismiss it…one of those “easy for you to say” moments. However, what I love about the quote is how it guides us but also provides a spiritual prescription…to lift up my spirit.

I can’t worry and lift up my spirit in the same moment. I have a choice. I can choose to worry or in that moment, lift up my spirit.

Perhaps, “easy to say” but the more I practice, the healthier I will be.