Currents of Faith


I  didn’t post too much this week as I have been having some talks with God about faith and direction. Currents of faith.

I have thought about this blog and the people who visit, read and comment. I don’t know how to express my appreciation, given the number of blog sites that are available. Thank you so much. I also want to let you know how much I appreciate our differences….where we are on our walk of faith….from people deep in their faith and understanding to someone stopping by who is still spiritually seeking. All different, but in a way, the same.

Right now I’m listening to Gimme Shelter….I first listen to the Merry Clayton version (if you don’t have this version, add it to your playlist!). She was one of the back up singers on the Rolling Stones version and her vocals in that version are amazing. It is said, even the band was amazed by her when they finished the  session.

Same song. Same words. Different perspective. Different reaction.

Isn’t that like our currents of faith. Same current. Similar words. Different perspectives.

My prayer for us is to be thankful for God’s direction for our current of faith. Let us communally pray and give thanks. May His current move us closer to Him and to one another. In a hurting and divided world, it is the only way I can envision peace. Getting to know one another. Shrinking divisions. Expanding what we have in common. Acceptance.

We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.”

– Thich Nhat Han

Let us pray for God to open our hearts and realize what moments hold. Moments in which God may God us to be a gentle witness. Moments in which God may open our hearts and minds and souls to his unlimited love and grace.

About Relationshifts


I try to expand my writing “vision” by participating in a writing group which offers some challenging prompts each week. Today, the prompt got me thinking about relationshifts and although I’m not close to being in the league with Daniel and Candice, a poem will sometimes appear:

~ Relationshifts ~

She couldn’t bring herself to

To say it

Despite the painful, poignant pause

On the phone

At least I got to tell

Her my self

I missed her and loved her

Despite the painful, poignant pause

On the phone

When we both knew that

We were gone

I started to think about how my relationshift with God has taken place.

Each time, it was me creating the separation. It was me creating the distance. It was me who couldn’t tell God how much I missed Him and love Him.

Thankfully, God knows that now.

My prayer for us is to talk with God about our relationshift with Him. Do we really make time for Him? Do we drift away or sometimes suddenly leave? Let us talk with God about relationshifts in our lives and if His love is present there. We can ask God to guide our hearts to develop relationshifts that represent and respect His will and His desire.



For short periods of time

I can pretend to be fine

Then time to move along

As you might just catch on

The smile, the words, so well rehearsed

So easy now, I know every verse

Depression never leaves

ebbs, flows…

like tides in the ocean

never too slow

like tides in the ocean

it comes and it goes

survival by learning

to not let me show

I pray for us to communally pray for those fighting and facing depression. Ask God to guide us to them with His Word and Works of comfort and grace. Pray for dark thoughts to be covered in God’s Holy Light and for weakened spirits to be covered in God’s strength and determination. Thank you.

The Truth


This week, I have been thinking about one man in particular during my talks with God. It was one of the men crucified with Jesus.

We know the scriptures. Rebuked by the man on the other side, this man recognized what was happening and Who he was with: “But this man has done nothing wrong. Then he said, Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

So humbling. So honest. In the final moments of his life he comes to know Jesus!

“Jesus answered him, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.”

– Luke 41 -43

There are some days when I question  just about everything. There are days when I feel discouraged and lost.

It is was this man on the cross with Jesus who is one of my most admired people. I am called to evangelize and share God’s good news. Up until a person’s last breath, it is never too late to be a gentle witness for them. What an honor if that is to happen!

Let us pray together for God to guide us to those who need to receive His truth and loving grace.

Over It


He was one of those kids who didn’t fit it. Although he experienced physical and emotional challenges, his parents encouraged him to participate in school and sports in order to have all of those opportunities.

He seemed to have been born with a set amount of self-esteem. With each joke at his expense, with every trip in the hallway, with every comment said purposefully a little too loud, his self-esteem diminished.

Loving his parents, he didn’t want to concern them  with how he was treated and how he really didn’t have a single friend. School was ok, he would tell them and sports fun.

One day after school, he walked into his room and picked up two items. A photograph of him and his parents with their arms wrapped around one another. They were all smiling big smiles. His little brown teddy bear.

He looked at his room as he walked out and headed for the woods. The woods and the waterfall. The waterfall where he learned fly fishing with his Dad and enjoyed many walks with his parents. Mom would always pack the best lunches for them. The waterfall they warned him about since he could remember…the warning sign…the slippery rocks and the fast current and the fact that lives had been lost.

Walking downstream, he found one of his favorite sitting rocks. It allowed him to sit and look at his reflection between the rock and the shore where the water was still. He held up the picture and his teddy bear so he could see them too. It was his favorite place to be.

He took a deep breath, tucked the photo under one arm and his teddy bear under the other and gently gave himself a push into the channel and the fast-moving current.  He could hear his heart beating and then began to hear the sound of the falls. He told his mom and dad how much he loved them…with all of his heart. Then, for a moment in time…he was floating, flying and free.

And the king will reply, “Truly, I tell you, whatever you did one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

– Matthew 25: 40

My prayer is for us to communally ask God to comfort those who are alone. To guide us to be His helping hand where one is needed and His voice of assurance. Especially guide us to those who appear to be ok on the outside but hurting on the inside.

Learning With Grace


Learning unsupported by grace may get into our ears; it never reaches the heart. But when God’s grace touches our innermost minds to bring understanding, His word which has been received by the ear sinks deep into the heart.”

– St. Isidore of Seville

Allowing God’s grace to support our learning is a wonderful concept and prayer.

There is so much God wants us to know…not just know, but learning which “sinks deep into the heart.”

Let us pray for one another to develop this level of learning. For me, it will mean creating time where I can quiet myself. It will mean creating time for God to be my Fatherly instructor.

Lately, my time with God has been selfishly compressed more and more each day. Like, ok God, I can fit You in for six minutes this morning and then maybe this afternoon, if the traffic isn’t bad, we could have some time.

I believe God so much wants to spend time with us. I fill my day…every day…and then at the end of the week, realize how little time we have spent together.