Sweet Harmony


During the past couple of days, I have been talking with God about decisions and directions. This afternoon, I found a wonderful quote which really provides the answers:

Thy will be done!” – What a comfort and support those four little words are to my soul. I have repeated the until they are softened to the sweetest harmony.”

– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

My prayer for us is to repeat these words as St.Elizabeth did…which I imagine to be a beautiful mediation. Then, when we are quiet, let us listen for God’s whisper and His will.

Keeping It Simple


During my talks with God the past few days, I realize that there are times when I over-complicate my prayers and naturally, when that happens, my life.

In keeping with the “basic” message of the last blog (and thank you for all who comment and welcome to our new readers…..I always believe comments add so much to a post….in giving us more to consider or in some cases, seeming to add an ! to the writing):

“The effects of love should be displayed as well as felt.”

– Thomas Aquinas

My prayer for us today is to talk with God about His love for us and how He displays it. Let us then use that as an example as we seek to be where God wants us to be and meet the people God wants us to meet. We live in a hurting world, with many in need. Imagine the difference a display of love could make in the life of a hurting person today.

Who Is A Gentle Witness


Since writing the Renewal post, I have been talking with God about my writing and this blog. Where does God want me to go with this in the year to come? What does God want me to consider? What conversations does God want us to have?

One revelation from our conversation was the word, basic. I want to talk with God about this as I’m sure there is more to be discovered!

Who is a gentle witness?

What happens to another, whether it be a joy or a sorrow, happens to me.”

– Meister Eckhart



Around this time of year, I start to receive renewal reminders in my email for my blog. Sometimes, I wonder if I should continue, however, those thoughts last for a short time.

We have such a wonderful community of people who not only discover and share God’s grace but who are gentle witnesses to those they meet. A hurting person, a person in need, a spiritually seeking person. All can be witnessed to in a kind and gentle way!

Our community is diverse and international! Thank you so much for being here and I hope we all learn and grow for another year together! My prayer is for you to share our community with family and friends so we can continue to have more people to learn from as everyone contributes.

What about our spiritual renewal? One way to phrase it, our spiritual re-charge?  There have been times on my walk of faith when I have felt out of energy. Drained. Tired. Discouraged.

When that happens, there are many things we can do to change our perspective. I believe the most important is to pray! Talk with God about how we are feeling and how tired we might be. Listen for God’s whisper as He answers our prayers.

Another is to find a friend who you can talk with about this situation. Ask them for guidance and what they have done at similar times.

One beautiful way of finding renewal is to be out in God’s creation and enjoy nature. A sunrise. A sunset. A walk in the woods. There are so many amazing creations for us to see and consider.

I believe it is part of our human nature to sometimes run low on spiritual energy. Let us remember there are ways to regain and restore our perspective!

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

– Psalm 51: 10


Our Spiritual Bridge


I have friends who live on an East coast barrier island. As I watched the track of the storm last week, I knew they would be required to evacuate. I found an informative website for that area and knew exactly when they were closing the only bridge to the island. No one would be allowed back on the island until the bridge opened again.

What about our spiritual bridge?

I haven’t written much in the last week. I shared with Dan how I am learning not to “force write” and to wait in prayer. As I have shared, I really struggle with quieting myself in prayer in order to listen to God.

Prayer is our spiritual bridge!

It is up to us to keep our spiritual bridge open at all times. God will never close our spiritual bridge and longs for us to talk with Him.

There have been times in my past when I closed my spiritual bridge. I see now, God patiently waited for me to return and walk toward Him to experience His love, peace and amazing grace.

My prayer for us is to thank God for our spiritual bridge. Jesus provided many examples of prayer in scripture. Praying alone. Praying with people. Spending time with His Father. I pray for us to do the same and let nothing stand in our way!

God is the Source who has no Source.”

– Thomas Aquinas

What Can We Do


As the hurricane approaches the S.E. coast, what can we do if we don’t live in that area?



Many local churches will be sending supplies and relief teams to help. Please pray for these responders.

We know Haiti is an impoverished country. I read about one man who lives in a structure of tin and roofing materials. He was not going to a shelter. Why? He said what little he had, which he could not take with him, would be stolen by the time he returned.

His comment certainly puts my life in a different perspective.

The King will repy, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

– Matthew 25: 40

A Time For Prayer and Giving


With the storm over Haiti this morning, it is time for prayer and giving.

For online assistance to check out a charity, I have found Charity Navigator to be very helpful to see the allocation of donations.



It’s what we need to do.