Settled Inn

IMG_0437During my conversation and coffee time with God, we talked about my previous post. Being Easter weekend, we talked about how our churches will have more visitors than usual. We talked about Christmas and how the same happens then.

It was then God reminded me that it is ok to feel unsettled as there are so many stories in scripture which describe that situation. For example, no room at the inn!

God reminded me to settle in with Him this weekend and be fully involved in the Easter message.

This is also a wonderful time for us to invite a guest to church with a kind and gentle invitation.

O Jesus, keep me under the standard of your cross. Let me not just look at you crucified but have you living in my heart.”

– St. Bernadette

6 comments on “Settled Inn

  1. Love this post, Rick. You made me consider that feeling unsettled is a part of life and the Bible is filled with good examples of God’s settling power. The longer we live, the more change we will witness. But this ONE thing remains…Jesus is alive!

  2. Jennifer Deg says:

    Amen and amen! BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! 😀

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