Ice Bucket List

IMG_0861Due to the media coverage of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a record  amount was raised in a fairly short period of time. Since the event is not new this year, the media coverage will not be as great.

The need remains.

There is no cure for ALS.

After John was diagnosed with ALS, he decided against a bucket list of things to do or places to visit. Instead, he focused on the blessings of each day.

What is our focus today?

John enjoyed motorcycle rides on the Blue Ridge Parkway. He took his greyhound Luna to a beautiful park for some great walks by the lake. He enjoyed spending time with his wife, family and friends.

He talked with me about his observations. He watched people who seemed to have everything not appreciate anything.

What is our focus today?

I am going to mail another check to the Jim “Catfish” Hunter ALS chapter in Raleigh. John and Linda received wonderful support from this chapter. Linda volunteered her time and talents which helped the Walk Because You Can events be awesome! One year, I had the honor of being one of the photographers for the walk and met so many amazing people!

If you visit Duke University, you can find a quote from John on the Duke ALS Wall of Honor. When you read his quote, you will be reminded to:

Remain optimistic!

Retain your sense of humor!

Don’t forget to dream!

What is our focus today?

4 comments on “Ice Bucket List

  1. deboracoty says:

    Great reminder, Rick! You’re absolutely right – if we don’t focus our focus, it won’t be.

  2. ypowrie says:

    Since I’m pretty sure I’ll never make it to visit Duke University would you mind sharing his quote here? Also, can you provide the address to send a donation? Love you, Rick!

    • Thank you for being here with us and sharing my writing ministry! I sent you an email with the information. John inspired many people. I miss him but am pleased I can honor his memory in continuing to search for a cure.

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