Who Prospers From The Prosperity Gospel

IMG_0488I have been reading the news reports about a pastor who is asking his congregation to pay for his new jet. Not just any jet. Let’s say this is a jet for the jet-setters!

On one hand, I respect this pastor. He is being up front about the millions of dollars and how he intends to spend it. The people of his congregation can decide if this is a good use of their offering.

Give to receive. I am troubled by what is sometimes called the prosperity gospel. A message about giving and how one can expect to receive a blessing in return. Giving or tithing campaigns in church is nothing new. I understand the business side of a church.

I also expect my church to be a good steward with the money received.

I am troubled when I see a video or read an article about someone who receives an amazing and unexpected blessing in their life shortly after deciding to faithfully tithe.

Do I believe that God has blessed this person because they started writing checks to their church?

I would be more comfortable with a church that shows a second video. A testimony from a faithful giver who has experienced hardship or tragedy in their life.

Show the two examples.

Tell both stories.

I am not comfortable today. My walk of faith has often been uncomfortable.

When I go to church tonight, I will bring my check. I give to give. I don’t give to receive.

7 comments on “Who Prospers From The Prosperity Gospel

  1. islesgilian says:

    When giving, I always remember one exhortation I’ve heard like ” When you give, you are putting God first. It’s as if you are telling him, that He is more important than the money and the blessings that come with giving. 🙂

  2. Kenneth A. Jones says:

    I have *NEVER* been a follower of Joel’s form of ministry!!!!!

    Love ya,


  3. Beejai says:

    Just stumbled on this after writing tomorrow’s devotion. God blesses us that we might be a blessing. We are meant to be a conduit, not the sole beneficiary.

  4. dtwrites77 says:

    It is good that you question. Certainly personal benefit is not supposed to be the reason for giving.

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