Speaking Silently

IMG_0432Silence is a gift of God, to let us speak more intimately with God.”

– St. Vincent Pallotti

So often in my prayer time, it is difficult to be simply silent.

So simple.

Simply silent.

Speaking with God.

5 comments on “Speaking Silently

  1. Kim says:

    I’m reading an INCREDIBLE book called Celebration of Discipline and he has a chapter on solitude. It’s really fascinating! If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. This is for sure a discipline I need to practice. We have a “War Room” in our house now and I just need to make sure I’m going in there daily and not only praying but staying silent.

    • Silent prayer on the surface sounds difficult…and in some ways it is as we are so filled with our thoughts and emotions. I am sure your solitude will allow you to experience so much! Let me know! Thank you for being here with us as we continue our walks of faith.

    • Hi Kim: Richard Foster’s book is considered a classic among Christians. It had the same impact on me when I first read it many years ago. I recommend it to everyone. (And I have a small framed calligraphy print in my writing room which reads: “Say nothing, often.” Rick’s blog posts always make me think about…and grow in my spiritual contemplation of God. Sounds like he’s doing the same for you. Blessings!!

      • Kim says:

        Yes, it’s one of my pastor’s favorite books so we thought we should check it out– and it’s really changed my prayer life and perspective on the spiritual disciplines. Good stuff! And I’ve been reading Rick’s blog posts for a few years and that’s always a blessing.

  2. dtwrites77 says:

    Sounds like a real interesting book.

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