So Obvious This Need

DSCF2821_edited-1As I have grown in my faith, God guides me to expand my voice in a direction I never would have imagined.

This blog post includes a request. Please share this post with your pastor, minister or priest.  Please share this post with your family and friends and ask them to do the same.

When I talked with God about writing an uplifting post about depression, I immediately started to laugh! How is that even possible, God? And if I do write it, how can I reach the people I want to touch? As God often does for me, His answer was very simple: write about the obvious.

God, that is really a challenge for me!

Depression is not obvious. Ah, the challenge! From family, friends and care providers, depression can be kept hidden for many years. Until. Until something. Until somethings happens. The smiling confident exterior begins to crack which is our opportunity for gentle intervention. Intervention before an individual decides life is not worth living.

Depression can over time, feel normal. At first read, that thought does not make sense. How could depression ever feel normal?

Draw a thin line down the center of a page. One side is where depression begins and worsens. Gradually, as one spend more time in that space, depression continues to grow. The more time on that side of the page, the more unhealthy thoughts seem normal:

I am not worthy. I am not loved. My life has no meaning. I am a failure. I don’t want to face another day.

I have had all of those thoughts when I live in the space on that side of the page.

Gentle intervention from our pastors…from our ministers…from our priests…from us. On our walk of faith we will meet people suffering from depression. We have the opportunity to listen to their journey and be a source of God’s love, light and hope. We have the opportunity to encourage and walk with them toward medical and spiritual care.

My prayer is to ask God to help me raise awareness. My prayer is for this blog post to reach hundreds or thousands of people in the pulpit to be guided to talk openly with their church family about this issue. My prayer is when this happens, lives will be saved.

I started this post with a question: How is it possible to write an uplifting post about depression?

By sharing God’s message of love, grace and healing, the internal messages I shared above can be changed. Imagine the difference and joy  in the life of a person who can say:

I am worthy! I am loved! My life has meaning! I am successful! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

And therein lies the truth. We can’t wait for tomorrow to share this message!

Once again, I would like to thank you…for being here and for seeing the urgency of sharing this message. Many voices may just reach those in need, just in time.



8 comments on “So Obvious This Need

  1. Thanks for writing and sharing this message. My mom has suffered over 50 years with depression. My daughter and husband suffer from it too. Depression is a silent killer, as many people suffer in silence.

  2. Loriana says:

    Another great post Rick!

  3. Jennifer Deg says:

    Amen Rick! You hit the nail on the head! The key is not to come into agreement with the LIES of the Enemy, and instead, replace them with God’s TRUTH! 😄 The more truth we get downloaded in us, the less junk can reside. It all comes back to our identity in Daddy God. Graham Cooke has an AWESOME CD called “The Art of Thinking Brilliantly.” I urge you to check it out. He has an amazing testimony BTW. 😊

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