Spiritual Balance

DSCF3164As I share my walk of faith, I also share some of my experience with depression and anxiety. I do so with the hope of providing encouragement with kindness and compassion.

It seems that one common trait people with depression share is learning how to hide it. Last night I submitted a poem for a writer’s prompt which asked us to write about disguises. I would like to share my first verse with you:

The disguise I am most

Familiar with is me

Put it on

Every day


This has been a very challenging and difficult week. I am so blessed to have professional, spiritual and emotional support. I lovingly refer to these people as my team.

On our walk of faith, we may have the opportunity to be a gentle witness for a person who is depressed or anxious. As I talked with God this morning, the word given to me was balance. Although it might appear obvious that a depressed person lacks balance, it might not be clear for them. The longer one remains out of balance, the more normal that can feel.

My prayer for us is to be a gentle witness for those who have lost their way…lost their balance. May we be a source of encouragement and support. May we be the helping hands. I am thankful to God for giving me balance this morning and grateful to be here with you.

a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance”

Ecclesiastes 3: 4

4 comments on “Spiritual Balance

  1. Your band of writers is here for you, Rick. Several are praying regularly. This post is encouraging because your gratitude for life and each new day suggests healing. Thanks for sharing so personally. Perhaps the small group needs another holiday conversation with coffee (or milkshakes). Name the date and we’ll be there.

  2. deboracoty says:

    You heart is beautifully expressed in this post, Rick. I’d love to read the rest of your poem – would you consider sharing it with us on a future post?

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