Not Quite A Word


Sometimes during my talks with God, I receive words that are not quite words but I know exactly what they mean! For example, while praying about my Afraid post yesterday, I received the word: Prevailation. As in, to prevail.

One definition of prevail is to become effective. What I like about this definition is the process of becoming! It’s not like one day I wake up and all of my fear and anxiety is gone (although by God’s grace, this too is possible).  Another definition is to defeat an opponent especially in a long or difficult contest.

Fear can sure seem that way. Like a long and difficult spiritual tug-o-war.

The message I received from God is the importance of not giving up. As long as we continue to try, we have the opportunity to prevail! It is only when we give up, fear wins.

As I often do when I seek spiritual support, I read the poetry of Daniel E. Trosper. It seems no matter what situation I am facing, he has spiritually connected a verse for my search. .

Scripture states that Goliath challenged the people of Israel for forty days to present someone to challenge him in battle. I love how Daniel captures the moment when David makes his decision to overcome his fear.  From his poem: “Hope as Water”…

Facing a giant, nine feet high, was he chosen to lead or chosen to die? He loaded his sling and let it fly, a prayer of a chance, but he had to try.”

– Daniel E. Trosper

Prevailation!  When God revealed His plan for David, Daniel reminds us “he had to try.” Revelation to prevailation!

I’m sure God wants us to overcome our fear, depression and anxiety. We simply need to remember David and how he prevailed. He tried! He knew he had a prayer of a chance!

On our walk of faith, let us encourage those who are in need. Their “giant” may be far bigger and greater than Goliath but with our support, prayer and God’s grace, they too, will have a prayer of a chance. May we be the messengers of prevailation from this day forward!

2 comments on “Not Quite A Word

  1. Cheryl Johnston says:

    What an authentic and inspiring post, Rick. Thanks so much for sharing Dan’s poetry again. We need to see the whole poem so we can all “drink” from his unique perspective when we need. What a gift the both of you have. Merry Christmas!

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