Spiritual Spiritual Redundancy Redundancy


I would like to thank Deb for her comment about expanding our definition of giving! So often, I think of giving as money or items but don’t think about how much our personal presence can mean to someone. I then prayed and talked with God and realized what a gift Jesus was each day. It wasn’t all about what He did but about Who He is!

Our conversation then wandered to spiritual spiritual redundancy redundancy and how easy it is for me to fall into comfortable patterns.

Prayer for example. I talked with God about helping me break through my redundant prayers.

Church for example. I talked with God about parking in the same space and sitting in the same seat.

I believe God wants us to expand and grow on our walk of faith. I believe God wants us to be creative on our walk of faith which will allow us to be a gentle witness to new people.

Food for example. Odds are if I went to a certain restaurant tonight, I would order the same dinner I have eaten there for twenty years. It might be really interesting to try a new entrée!

My prayer for us tonight is to talk with God about what have become our spiritual habits. I don’t think there is anything wrong with spiritual habits and tradition…I just believe there is a time when God wants us to expand our views.

As always, thank you so much for being here as we continue to discover and share God’s grace.

Sometimes you can observe a lot just by watching.”

– Yogi Berra

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