Troubled and Grateful


My pastor, Chris, wrote an amazing blog this morning for which I am so grateful…and troubled. Pastor Chris describes himself as an “encourager” and I think that is true. One way he does this is by making himself available. At church on Sat. nights, we all know where he will be before each service. If he is there, I feel better…sometimes we have a brief conversation and share a hug…sometimes, I just watch the number of people who stop by to talk with him….and be encouraged.

It is difficult for me to write about violence. I don’t like violent movies with the exception of No Country For Old Men, which I have watched at least ten times.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day. He lived in violent times of civil unrest and like many other people, took a stand and encouraged others to join. We remain a very divided country. I have talked with people who do not believe today should be a holiday. How do we heal our divisions?

I believe it starts on the most personal of levels. Me. You. Where do we stand and what do we stand for?

If we stand for something, do we remain silent or become involved?

Ok, back to the writing of Pastor Chris this morning. He wrote about the scripture describing the stand Jesus took (while noting Jesus kneeled down to write in the sand) with the woman caught in adultery. We all know the scripture.

Why am I troubled? Pastor Chris gets right to my heart with the question he asks himself: “Would I have a stone in my hand?” Encouragers also ask some tough questions!

What if you and I were in the crowd that day? Would we have a stone in our hand?

Today seems like the perfect day to ask that question. I would like to say, “of course not” but that would be a lie because I honestly don’t know.

My prayer for us today is to talk with God about what divides us. Talk with God about how we can heal, rather than worsen, divisions. Talk with God about peace and as Pastor Chris would want you to be….be encouraged!

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”

– Romans 12: 18

4 comments on “Troubled and Grateful

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Rick! You are quite the encourager yourself!

  2. dtwrites77 says:

    It is a divided world, and it is a bit hard for me to understand how people wouldn’t think Martin Luther King deserves a holiday. Once again, he fought for civil rights and civil justice, and challenged an authority that oppressed a beleaguered people, Who else do we know that did that? Neither King nor his followers fought back when the opposition struck them, sent dogs and sprayed water from fire hoses at them. Who else reacted that way?
    I worry about the direction the country is taking, especially lately. We all need to ask if we would throw the stone because to me, because to me, some of the things I hear “Christians” say these days, maybe things all of us say, is not consistent with the message Jesus conveyed.
    Your friend Chris sounds like a good guy..

    • Thank you so much for your comments and being here with us! Pastor Chris really did ask quite the question…one I am still struggling with. You are right about the Christian “messages” that are being conveyed today. Let us all pray for guidance and discernment.

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