Spiritually Checked Out


Checked out for the purpose of this writing is the concept of being present but not really caring. The other night at dinner, it was obvious our waiter had checked out. Went through the motions, but really seemed like he could care less about our experience. At least the food was good.

I was talking with God today about being spiritually checked out and when that happens to me. God provided me with two good examples.

There are times when I use my spiritual discernment when being approached by a person asking for money. There are many times when I decline politely as I get the feeling I am being scammed.

I am spiritually checked out when I see a person in true need and decide to do nothing. Walk by. Drive by. Go on with my comfortable life while ignoring a person in need.

Where are we these days on the spiritually checked out scale?

I fall short so many times on my walk of faith. My prayer for tonight is for us to talk with God about our level of spiritual involvement. Pray for spiritual discernment and guidance. Pray for those in need.

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

– Hebrews 13: 16


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