Building Spiritual Walls


The topic of building walls has been widely mentioned in the news lately. I have heard references about the great wall of China and the purpose that walls supposedly serve.

When I talked with God today about walls, He whispered: “Spiritual Walls.”

Wow! Talk about taking a topic of the day and going in a different direction! When I walked away from God and faith, I built a spiritual wall around my heart. The wall was built to keep God out because at that time, I thought I could go through life without Him.

God gave me free will to build that wall, as sad as He must have been to see it constructed. Yet, imagine His joy, years later, when (thanks to the kind and gentle invitations of Ken and Sandy) I decided to tear down the wall and welcome Jesus back to my life!

As I talked with God about this, He reminded me that I build discriminatory spiritual walls. About certain people. About different denominations. I again fall short in my walk of faith.

My prayer for tonight is for us to talk with God about shattering spiritual walls and opening our hearts to His love and grace. Once those walls are down, we can be a gentle witness and talk with people about Jesus. Listen to them….listen some more. Then, share your walk of faith and walk with them!

But it is the spirit in the man, the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand.”

– Job 32: 8


2 comments on “Building Spiritual Walls

  1. Ken Jones says:


    During the prison ministry that I serve, we devote a whole day to Forgiveness of others, and self. On of my favorite talks given is on those who build walls to keep others out and the experience the individual has when he discovers just how lonely he has become as a result of his actions. Once this realization is realized and he names each of the stone that he used to construct his wall. This is a powerful tool for the inmates and I learn from the talk every time I hear it. The individual’s heart is softened when he receives a simple rose that was tossed over his wall.

    Thanks for reminding us of the importance of self examination of why we build walls.

    Love ya,


    • What a wonderful visualization of giving a name to each stone that was used to construct the wall. A full day on forgiveness of others and self has to be powerful and uplifting! What a great quote you have given us: “The individual’s heart is softened when he receives a simple rose tossed over his wall.” Thank you for sharing your experience and walk of faith with us!

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