Spiritual Expiration


Every day or so, I receive an email which reminds me that my earned credit is about to expire in a few days and I should take advantage of the short time remaining! I think I have been getting this email for at least two years!

I know I could somehow stop this email but my tech skills are worse than my exercise attempts! Thankfully, my personal trainer exercises for me with awesome results!

Why does this company continue to send me this email? They are not giving up on me.

My prayer for us today is for God to guide us. He may call us to be a gentle witness to a person in need who feels everyone has given up on them. I have witnessed to people in this situation. I pray for us to listen to them…then listen some more. Then, share your walk of faith and your testimony. Assure them God’s love endures forever!

For our scripture this morning, let us read together all of:

– Psalm 136

Let us share our walk of faith with the confidence of God’s enduring love!

4 comments on “Spiritual Expiration

  1. Chris Bonham says:

    Great post Rick


    Pastor Chris Bonham Senior Executive Pastor Grace Family Church


  2. Gentle persistence, with God’s guiding hand, will pay off in our relationships with people who are searching for faith and something to believe in. As gentle witnesses, we listen closely and answer softly, so our actions speak louder than words. We can be assured that God wants us to assume His close, to assume that He will be in relationship with them in His perfect time. This post now has the song, “Love Never Fails” (Love never fails, it never gives up, never gives up on me…on and on and on it goes, ’til it overwhelms and satisfies my soul…). Can you imagine a world in which every.sing.human embraces this deep love of God. One day…

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