The Sin Of Silence


Not a cheerful morning. I try to write encouraging and inspirational posts but also promised you honesty in my writing.

There was a photo in the morning paper of empty graves dug in the red dirt of north Florida. Not graves of a cemetery but graves from a school. Recently, this now closed (thank God!) school has been visited by  university researchers who are trying to identify and count the number of boys killed at this school.

At this state school.

For decades, the horrendous abuse was known and documented in the state legislature. Nothing was done. After all, these were “troubled boys” or I presume, boys who were causing trouble and the school was located in an isolated part of the state.

We all know of well documented cases of abuse within the church community where silence was the protective code.

We are not called to be silent.

Jesus reminded us of the importance of caring for the least and weakest among us. In so many ways, we continue to agree with that principle but don’t act. At least that is true for me.

What can we do?

As a faith community, we can pray for our pastoral and political leaders to be more vocal and responsive in support of those who are suffering. As believers, we can at least take the time to write a few letters or even blast off  some emails to those who have positions of influence.

I know, “what good would that do?”  “I am just one little voice?”

I can’t promise that our actions will do any good or result in any change but at least we would have spoken and tried to advocate for those with no voice.

For they do not speak peace, but against those who are quiet in the land they devise words of deceit.”

Psalm 35: 20

2 comments on “The Sin Of Silence

  1. Satanic ritual abuse has been increasing since Israel became a nation; he knows his time is short. The Lord has been opening my eyes about this since Christmas break. Praise God, He who is in us (the Church) is greater than he who is in the world; in this world we will have tribulation, but Christ has overcome the world! Christ is in the very end stages of building His Church, and the gates of hades cannot overcome it. Hallelujah!

    • As a community of faith, we should all pray for our pastors and politcal leaders to be vocal and active in stopping all types of abuse. It is the silent among us, that need the most voices lifted up on their behalf.

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