So Much Intolerance


Tolerance is the bond of all friendship, and unites people in heart and opinion and action, not only with each other, but in unity with our Lord, so that they may really be at peace.”

– St. Vincent de Paul

Maybe it is the spirit of the political season. The intolerance. The I’m right and you are wrong. The anybody but that person movement.

I have written about how our denominations divide us. As I continue on my walk of faith, I want to be able to walk into any church and know I am in the House of God. I want to feel accepted not questioned. I want to feel welcome. I want to feel the presence of God’s Holy Spirit. I want to feel loved.

My prayer for us tonight is to talk with God about tolerance. Talk with God about what unites us rather than divides us. Talk with God about what we have in common and how we continue to strengthen our walk of faith together. I fear to many people are walking alone and we need to do more to reach those hurting and spiritually seeking.


8 comments on “So Much Intolerance

  1. Great post! I have visited many churches in my lifetime, and sadly, I have not always felt welcome or part of the body of Christ. We have so much work to do, but I’m grateful that you and I are on the same team. 🙂

    • Thank you, Michelle! If we don’t feel welcome in a church where will we feel welcome? I am going to make an extra effort this weekend at church to introduce myself to a first time visitor!

  2. Rick I echo your prayers

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