Walking In Faith And Discovering Grace


I have shared some of Daniel’s poetry here and how he encourages me in a mystical Christian way to listen for “God’s Whisper.”

Getting to this point is not easy for me, as in order to hear God whisper, I need to be quiet. God doesn’t shout or yell or put up bill boards to catch my attention. He simply whispers. My awesome therapist helps me see the importance of being still and in the moment. It is only then, can I be quiet. It is only then, I can hear.

A couple of weeks ago, God whispered, “Pray for her.” I don’t really know this person and was completely taken by surprise.

I began to pray for her each day.

Last week, God whispered, “Let her know you are praying for her.” This is one of the moments which I describe as stepping out in faith and being obedient. I told her I was praying for her….her reply: “Thank you so much.”

Last night, God whispered, “tell her things are going to be good…not necessarily easy but good.” I shared this with her and a look of beautiful peace immediately appeared on her face. I told her of trials and tribulations, of peaks and valleys but God’s message was for me to share that when I prayed for her, that is what I received.  I shared that I was unable to explain more than that. It was God’s message for her.

It is true that the voice of God, having once fully penetrated the heart, becomes as strong as the tempest and loud as the thunder; but before reach the heart, it is as weak as a light breath which scarcely agitates the air. It shrinks from noise, and is silent amid agitation.”

– St. Ignatius of Loyola


2 comments on “Walking In Faith And Discovering Grace

  1. Beautiful post! I’m planning to post about prayer tomorrow. Praying for others is one of the best gifts we can give them. I love how God asked you to pray, and you were obedient. He asked you to tell the person, and you were obedient. I know he’s pleased with you. ❤

    • Thank you, Michelle! I am looking forward to reading your inspirational post tomorrow! Prayer is so powerful…telling another person we are praying for them can be wonderful. I know we will lift one another up in prayer here as we continue to discover and share God’s grace and love.

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