I’m So


I’m so…..

I guess this could be one of those blogs where you could fill in the blanks but I know this leads to many choices, so I will make it easy.

God really worked on my heart the past day or so. It feels like I’ve been to the spiritual gym! I could use some Holy Water!

I was listening and

I was resisting.

What in the world is so hard about saying “I’m sorry?”

I haven’t felt good this week and on Tuesday, I received a text from a friend. I wasn’t in the best of moods and didn’t think before I responded…I just fired off a text reply. As soon as I sent it, I didn’t need to wait for God to tell me it was rude and insensitive. It obviously was.

Today is Thursday.  It took me this long to send a text to apologize and say I’m sorry. When I say I fall short on my walk of faith, this is a good example. Listening to God’s whisper and resisting His Word.

Why was it so difficult to say I’m sorry? Pride? Arrogance? Not wanting to be bothered? Wanting to be right?

My friend texted me back and everything is good. Think about the alternative of not apologizing: a lost friendship? a misunderstanding that goes on forever? a false impression of who I really am?

Anyone else have difficulty saying I’m sorry?

My prayer for us is to listen and be obedient when God whispers. It’s ok to question God. It’s ok to ask God as many questions as we want. I pray that we understand the difference between resisting what God is asking us to do and questioning it. In the resisting, it is all about me. It is all about I. I am not going to apologize, etc….and when it is all about me and all about I, it is impossible for it to be about God!

2 comments on “I’m So

  1. Jennifer Deg says:

    Thank you so much for this post Rick. You have NO idea how timely it is for me. Most of hubby and I’s arguments are apparently because I “never apologize.” (I beg to differ of course.) Apologizing is difficult for me is when I do something wrong and the other person’s approach is that of frustration. Immediately it puts me in defense mode, and the last thing I can think of in that moment is apologizing. :-/ It is definitely something I am working on. I think I need to go apologize to my husband now for last night’s tiffy . . . Thank you Rick.

    • You are welcome! It is something we all struggle with but don’t often bring to light. Your humor .. I beg to differ…made me laugh. Knowing you both is a blessing and your again, Happy anniversary blessings!

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