The Key


After leaving with the key to the bell tower, the young man unlocked the door and stepped inside. He softly closed the door, sat on the floor and prayed.

He spent most of the afternoon in the bell tower, simply praying. During his prayers, he realized how symbolic a key is to so many life events. He prayed for guidance, asking God how He wanted the tower and bell to be restored.

He carefully locked the door, walked around the tower and headed for home. He held the key in his hand the entire time as he walked through town. He always enjoyed his Sunday afternoon walks in town as it was not crowded and properly buttoned up, as his Mother used to say.

A day of rest and family time for most. For the next six months, he planned to work on the tower and restore the bell to original beauty. He planned to wait until everyone left the church service and then begin his work.

Upon arriving home, he opened the door and walked in. He never locked his door, hoping that if someone were to break in, they would truly be in need of what they wanted to take. His Bible was on his bedside table. He gently placed the key on the cover.

He made his lunch for Monday and laid out his clothes for morning.

He fell asleep thinking about the bell tower and how proud his Mother would be right now. He wasn’t sure how his father would feel, but prayed to meet him someday.

His last memory before falling asleep was looking at his Bible and the key. The key to so many which he could not yet imagine.

all rights reserved

excerpt from new book in progress.


7 comments on “The Key

  1. Judy Perez says:

    Loving the symbolism of your book, Rick. Each little clip you shredded make me anxious for the next one. It’s also giving me a lesson in patience.

  2. Roos Ruse says:

    You hooked me and reeled me in. I can hardly wait for the next posts. Great work, Rick.

  3. Great post. I unfortunately did not read these in order. I read the first I believe about him wanting to repair the bell, then I read the one you wrote for today, then this one when I discovered that it is a part of your book. That’s exciting. I too am anticipating how you will unfold the key’s importance.

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