When Lisa was a child, she would sit in the rocking chair with her grandfather. There were two rocking chairs on the front porch. In her teens, Lisa would sit next to him in the other.

Their favorite time was sunset. Talking and rocking as the sun slipped behind the highest peak, yet remaining light for some time.

One of her favorite conversations always started like this: “Please tell me more about grandma.”

Grandpa would continue to rock when she asked that question and she could see a smile slowly appear on his face. He always took his time answering.

“You are sitting in grandma’s chair which reminds me so much of the sunsets we watched together. She loved to watch the sunset over the peak. She always said, if God creates such beauty for us here, imagine what awaits us in heaven! She loved you so much and would be so pleased that we are carrying on this tradition. She would read you Bible verses before you could even talk…there were times when you would simply fall asleep as she read to you.”

“Did you ever walk with her to meet the bell ringers?

“We would walk up to the clearing where you have been and heard the bell. She loved the echo of the bell as it cascaded through the valley. For her, the clearing was far enough. The rest of the climb is far more difficult. She always told me to take you to the clearing to hear the bell if she wasn’t here to go with you.”

Lisa noticed a tear wetting grandpa’s worn face.

A tear of remembrance.

She would never forget.

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excerpt from new book

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