The Walking Stick


Tucked in the woods to the east of the cabin was what Grandpa called, “the shop.” Not a retail shop but a place where he could work on his projects. Wood mostly and once in a great while, metal.

When Lisa was born, he created a wonderful wooden rocking horse. Not the kind you really ride but a small replica. Different parts of the horse would move and no one was ever able to figure out how grandpa created such an amazing gift.

When his wife died, there was solace in his shop. A beautiful wooden cross took him months to finish but those were months of memories of his wife and their many years together. The cross was for her grave but in his heart, he knew it was for him too. He knew she would be pleased.

Every now and then, she would come out to the shop when he was working. Always with some sweet tea and something to eat. They would visit and she would always remind him not to be late for dinner. He always laughed when she said that…all these years, and not once had he been late to dinner! Her home cooking was nourishing with love being the main ingredient.

Ever since Lisa asked for a walking stick like his, he knew it would be a very special gift. Many mornings he could be found walking through the woods looking for the perfect tree limb. One that had fallen recently would be the best to work with. He would carry a few back to the shop to study them. Most of them made it to the little fireplace in the corner. Warmth from the fallen.

He was at peace when he was walking. He talked with God and asked if it was ok to talk with his wife. If not ok, he asked God to give her a message: how much he loved her and how much he missed her.

One day while talking with God, he noticed a tree that appeared to have been hit by lightning years ago. How did this happen without burning down the woods? It was if God then guided him to the perfect limb from that tree. Been through the fire. Charred. Stronger. Perfect.

Her walking stick had been found.

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excerpt from new book

11 comments on “The Walking Stick

  1. Nice Rick! I’m sure you will keep us posted. Can’t wait to read more:-)

  2. dtwrites77 says:

    Layer upon layer. Nice

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