More Than Good Works


During my talk with God this morning, I was guided to share the following:

Jesus not only teaches us the Christian life, He creates it in our souls by the action of His Spirit. Our life in Him is not a matter of mere ethical goodwill. It is not a mere moral perfection. It is entirely new  spiritual reality, an inner transformation.”

– Thomas Merton

Early on my walk of faith, I remember thinking “I’m a good person.” I also remember thinking “I try to help those in need.”

As my walk of faith continued, I realized it is of course, a fine quality to help those in need and to be considered a good person. However, there is more.

As Thomas Merton states, “It is not a mere moral perfection. It is entirely new spiritual reality, an inner transformation.”

My prayer for us this weekend is to meditate and pray about this quote. There is more to our walk of faith than being a good person and doing good works. I pray for our pastoral community to spend more time preaching and teaching about God’s Holy Spirit because again, as Merton points out, there is an “inner transformation.”

Let us also ask God where He would like us to be and to guide us, as a gentle witness to whom He would like us to help in His name. Let us pray that we can quiet ourselves enough to hear, as Dan reminds us, “God’s whisper.

Thank you for being here today. Thank you for sharing this writing with your family and friends and perhaps you pastoral leader. I am humbled by your presence and so appreciate every comment!

6 comments on “More Than Good Works

  1. You are a breath of fresh air, a blessing to the members of His Body. God bless you!

  2. Early on, I too focused on doing good works and being an overall good person, even to the point of becoming prideful that *I* was not this or that. I thank God for the lessons that no one is immune to falling. Sometimes I wish the circumstance that brought about the lesson hadn’t been so difficult or the fall that hard, but I probably wouldn’t have truly learned it.

    Every day is a transformation for me. Some days, I accept the challenge more than others. Some days, I learn. Others, I will try again tomorrow.

    Through it all, I’m learning about extending grace and compassion to others. Boy did I need it! I still do.

    Thanks for sharing, Rick!

    • Hi Daphne! So great to hear from you and I hope you and your family are well! I like your “every day is a tranformation for me”…that is a wonderful way of looking at how we can be transformed and grow in our faith! Thank you for being here with us!

  3. dtwrites77 says:

    I agree, the spiritual is the harder part, the inner transformation is a continuous struggle. Thoughtful piece and quote.

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