Divided We Fall


It’s hard to miss the coverage of national and even local athletes refusing to stand (or at least kneel) as a form of protest during our national anthem before sporting events.

As I talked with God about this, the first reminder He gave me is that He granted us free will.

The question for all of us is, what do we do with our free will?

Another issue is doing nothing at all. During my talk with God this morning, I was guided to share the following:

“Nonaction is a kind of action. Omission is directly opposed to justice…because it is non-fulfillment of a good of virtue  but only under the aspect of what is due, which pertains to justice.

– Thomas Aquinas

My prayer for us today is to talk with God about our own actions and our personal free will. Talk with God about what He wants us to do and who He wants us to see. There is so much need in our hurting world. I pray for us to be a gentle witness to those in need and spiritually seeking.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to be here as we continue to discover and share God’s grace!

4 comments on “Divided We Fall

  1. John Lewis says:

    I will continue to pray for God’s people to be united as brothers, not divided as rivals stuck in the neverending circle of blame, shame and accusation.

  2. Bette J. Lafferty says:

    Hang in there my friend, struggling is not tops on our bucket list, but God has a purpose for all things under heaven. My you feel His ever presence in your life.

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