By George!


Several years ago, every Friday morning, I would leave the office a half hour early for lunch. I would drive to the same chicken restaurant and order the exact same meal as the week before. I would then drive over for a quick visit with George.

As he would enjoy his lunch, we would talk about all sorts of things. He loved the stock market and he also shared quite a bit about his various jobs and careers. George lived in a very meager apartment with very little in it. Not the best of neighborhoods for his safety.

I guess he wall fall into the category of eccentric. You see, George had well over a million dollars in his bank account. Of course, eccentric is only part of the definition but I guess that does cover making good decisions.

One time George gave me a figurine. It was broken in two pieces but like he said, if I glued it back together, it would be pretty nice. Perfect analogy for us!

In the office, word leaked out about my Friday adventure and how I was buying lunch for a millionaire! The question soon became “why?”

For one, I liked George and could relate to him on some levels. I knew he had no way to go out and get lunch since he didn’t have a car. If George went anyplace, he walked. Finally, I came up with the truthful answer although it did take people by surprise and I don’t know if they understood it. When asked why I would do this, my reply became, “because he has a fish head in his freezer.”

My prayer for us today is to talk with God about the people who are or who feel marginalized in our society. Ask God for guidance if we might be the gentle witness for someone He has in mind. Also ask God to remind us how easy it is to judge people by their appearance or arrangements and to help us see the real person.

The word of God does not belong to him who hears or speaks it, but to him who puts it into practice.”

– St. Giles of Assisi

16 comments on “By George!

  1. plainmama says:

    Judging comes so easy to us. It is the knee jerk reaction unless we habitually stop ourselves. It takes lots of practice, but the judgements can come less and less frequently. Love this story and message. Have a beautiful and blessed weekend!

    • So true about how easy it is for us (me) to fall back into being judgemental about others. Stopping myself and trying to remember to say a little prayer at that time helps me realize where I am and where God wants me to be. Thank you for discovering and sharing God’s grace!

  2. What a beautiful parable! George – a millionaire who lived as a pauper – represents us, Christians who do not apprehend all the glorious riches God has given us in Christ Jesus! Continuing on with our dialogue in your previous comments, WE do not yet apprehend that by Christ’s blood ALL our sins have been forgiven, and by His wounds ALL our dis-eases HAVE BEEN healed!! Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus, we praise You for having finished Your work on our behalf. We cry out in utter dependence on You: we believe, now help us our unbelief! Cause us to
    KNOW and BELIEVE Your word and to lay hands on the sick around us that You may heal them through our mustard seed of faith in YOU!! We rely on Your divine power to demolish the worldly strongholds that have us referring people to physicians and other medical professionals. Amen.

  3. Beautiful post, Rick. I was just sharing it with my husband. George is a great example of living beneath your means. A lesson we all could learn. Actually, I am just learning. Thanks be to God. What a concept.

    I love the quote, too.

    • Thank you for sharing my writing ministry! Definately, it is a message we could all learn from and one which I am still learning. Like in a store, deciding if that item is something I really do need or not. Often times, it is not and onward to the next aisle!

  4. Nice post (as always), Rick. As we draw closer to God, we’ll find ourselves meeting new friends in unlikely places. We may never know why we were brought together, but trust that there’s a lesson in it for us all.

  5. Oceans2c7 says:

    Love this post. Cause I love eccentric people. Always have. I’m glad we are all different. I’m so plain and ordinary…I take lots of pleasure being around folks different than me. I’ve always believed God meets us right where we are. For some it’s so difficult to be social. For George you were a blessing to him.

  6. dtwrites77 says:

    Wonderful post. Says everything you can say about people.

  7. I work in an addictions recovery center and I try to make this my attitude daily. As I see the residents my natural mind wonders sometimes how some of them got here. They look like my brothers and sisters. They actually are. Some walk past me with their heads hung low in shame. I often encourage them with a hello so that they can at least know I am touchable and human. Some lift up their eyes in surprise that I spoke while others remain downcast. It’s overwhelming at times but I pray for them. If they only knew my story… Not like theirs but just as painful none-the-less. No Judgment over here. Nice job Rick.

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