Our Light Of The Season


I really enjoy reading the scriptures as we get closer to Christmas. The journey of the wise men is truly amazing when you think about how they found Jesus.

This is a time of year when people do think about attending church. If you know someone who is spiritually seeking or without a church home, extend a kind and gentle invitation for them to join you. As the quote below confirms, God’s love “radiates upon all.” Like the wise men, people are looking for a way to find Jesus and we have the opportunity to be a part of that journey!

Thank you  for being here and for discovering and sharing God’s love and grace!

No person is in such darkness as to be completely devoid of divine light. The divine light shines in the darkness and radiates upon all.”

–  Thomas Aquinas

4 comments on “Our Light Of The Season

  1. Divine light indeed! I am thankful for my faith community, otherwise, the holidays would simply be nervewracking.

  2. Oceans2c7 says:

    It’s all that really matters in life. Thank you for this great reminder.

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