Thank You


With many traveling and busy this weekend, a brief post. Partly for that reason and also because “thank you” is what my prayers have focused on the past few days.

First and most important, saying thank you to God for all we have and for the birth of Jesus. The world has never been the same from that moment on! I thanked God for allowing me to be in the presence of His Holy Spirit at all times. I thanked God for always being there for us, no matter what challenges we may face and know that He wants us to draw near and have a relationship-conversation!

I really want to thank each of you who take the time to be here! At last count, there were over 7 billion blog sites (source: my imagination) for you to read and there is only so much time in each day. I am so humbled and pleased with how we have developed this supportive community and are all learning as we go along to become a gentle witness.

I pray for us to communally thank God for giving us the opportunity to be here together and to reach out to our hurting world in His name.

Let us give thanks for being with family and friends and let us pray for those who are alone. It is a wonderful weekend to focus on our blessings. Blessings of God’s love and grace!

Thy will be done!”  What a comfort and support those four little words are to my soul. I have repeated them until they are softened to the sweetest harmony.”

– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

14 comments on “Thank You

  1. Oceans2c7 says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thank you for sharing the good news with Joy!

    • Thank you so much for being here with us as we do share God’s good news with joy! So often, we get stressed out and seem to lose our joy which means we have lost our perspective! Speaking for myself with that last comment! Part of my struggle on my walk of faith.

  2. Soul Gifts says:

    May your CHristmas be filled with Love and Joy – and the New Year too 🙂

  3. plainmama says:

    Merry Christmas Rick!

  4. Merry CHRISTmas and Thank You, Rick. Here’s to a healthy New Year as well. Keep writing, please.

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