Best I Could

~Best I Could ~


One more mile to go

Been savin’ souls

As long as I could go

Ain’t got no money

No more than a dime

But a book full of names

Who said yes to Divine

Some said no

Some walked away

Did best I could

It’s my dyin’ day



*With special thanks to Dan who started my interest in poetry a few years ago at a writer’s retreat. At the time, I had no interest and now it’s a good percentage of my reading and attempted writing. Also, special thanks to Candice and professor Ron Rash for really helping me see how deep poetry actually is!

8 comments on “Best I Could

  1. I think you may have another book in the making – could even be written in verse. The beautiful thing about poetry is that the fewer words leave more room for the reader’s imagination to make the meanings their own. So glad you’re writing! And thanks to Dan from me, too.

  2. cariroo says:

    Very nice!

  3. GodGirl says:

    Great poem, Rick! It really speaks to me about the importance of pouring ourselves out for the sake of the gospel, right to the very end of our lives.

  4. An impressively composed poem that works on several levels.

  5. Jennifer Deg says:

    This is beautiful Rick! I’m praying all is well with you! ❤

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